Thursday, February 9, 2017

This City

This City is a piece that explores the opposite idea of This Small Town. It is much more about me. The city closest to where I live is perfect for bringing up children, so to someone my age, it is a trap. I wrote this when I was feeling particularly frustrated about staying for university. 

This City

This city is swallowing me
With it tunnels of concrete
And never ending footpaths
The heat of buildings
And miles of glass
Pressing down on me
So that no matter how far I run
My skin remembers
The heat of that sun
My eyelids are burnt
With the image of that
Never dying light
Those rows of street lights
That called to me as I fell asleep
As if they were the modern day star
For wise men to follow
The city that whispered and yelled
And never understood silence
With its car horns and truck brakes
This city which doesn’t apologise
If you don’t fit like a puzzle piece
In to it’s expanding boundaries
This city wants you to move
So that there is room for everyone
To press down on the tarmac
To leave a piece of them
In small streets with white picket fences
I tried to shuffle into place
I wanted to leave a piece of me in the tarmac
But instead I leave footprints
As I run and run and run
Trying to escape this city
That never let me in.

As always, I am keen to hear any criticisms you have, and what you thought worked and didn't, how the piece flowed and so on!  

Also, you can follow me on Wattpad - I'm trying it out and I might publish pieces over there that I don't publish on the blog.
Opal has made her peace with staying for university, but this city. This city. That peace might take longer.


  1. Why can't I think if the city like this?! This is amazing!!

  2. "This city wants you to move // So that there is room for everyone." That was especially a hard-hitter. It's just the perfect way to describe a city's busyness and the crowds and progress, but also the way we dissolve into its background. I love the sense of claustrophobia & also broadness (kind of a paradox, but I feel it). Amazing! :)

    1. That's what I was aiming for, so thank you! :)

  3. this is so lovely, opal. I really understand what you feel about where you live. I have to say I'm slightly trying to guess where you live--because there are a limited number of cities in NZ haha, not in a stalkery way. (today I got some unsolicited uni advice that was basically: Victoria or Otago, but go to new zealand--so it's on my mine)

    1. Haha that's fine, I'm not worried :) You couldn't go wrong with Victoria, it was my first choice, although it's not where I've ended up :)

  4. Cities are hectic. Cities are crazy hectic. I live in what people call a city, but compared to what others seem major cities makes my town seem like a gas station on the side of the road. They feel stifling, but the vibe that you get sometimes, observing so many different people in one area going about to do their daily tasks-- the city is more appreciative from a standpoint if you're a newcomer coming in, but it's everyone opinion to their own, I guess!

    xoxo Morning

    1. I'm talking 80, 000 people, which isn't really that big, but it's huge to me! But I agree :)

  5. I live right next to a HUGEE city, so I hear you. Thankfully, I live on the suburbs, so it's not *quite* as bad, but I totally feel the "room for everyone" thing....

    1. Not going to lie, the suburbs are my worst nightmare :')

  6. This is so bueatiful! You are an amazing writer. Cities are hectic and chaotic but amazing and diverse and fun.

    Nabila // Hot Town Cool Girl

  7. Nice poem! I especially liked this line: "As if they were the modern day star / For wise men to follow" because it was an interesting tie to Christianity and rebirth. :)

    1. I was hoping someone would pick up on that! Thanks Heather :)