Monday, April 24, 2017

Late Night Drive

i am by myself
it is dark.

this is not unusual
i've learnt to like driving by myself.

i like driving with the window down
and the music up.

i like driving in the dark
only able to see as far as the headlights.

i like driving below the speed limit
and right on the speed limit.

i like driving after 2 hours of study with friends
my chest still echoing with laughter.

i like the empty road ahead
and the rush of wind when i pause the music.

i like thinking about my day, my people
it makes me smile to myself.

i like that i seem terribly alone
in a little metal box (but i'm really not).

i like that my heart sings out
i'm full, i'm full, i'm full.

Do you like driving at night? Are you a confident driver? Do you like having the windows down? Loud music, quiet or none? Do you like having passengers, or do you like driving alone?

As usual, hit me up with anything you did or didn't like about the poem, something you think needs improving or is perfect the way it is. I welcome any thoughts!

Opal is a terrible driver, but she has a license, so?!? 


  1. I don't drive! But I can tell you that I understand how each of these things is nice!

    1. Woah! I can't really remember what it was like to not be able to drive.

  2. that is beautiful.

    I dont drive, but I love going for drives. I love listening to music in my headphones because sometimes thats all I need to feel better or sort through my thoughts.

    lovely poem as always <3

  3. I don't drive but this was so lovely! <3 I hope to feel this happy one day.

    1. Thanks Grace! I hope you do as well :)

  4. I get very nervous driving at night because there's always a higher chance of hitting a kangaroo, but I do love driving during the day with the windows down and the music blasted and singing at the top of my voice. This was such a beautiful poem, thank you so much for sharing it Opal!