Saturday, July 1, 2017

Hello July | Recently

June is over?! We're like half way through 2017?!

It was a pretty quiet month for me, other than the end of semester and exams. The break has given me time to relax (enough that my resting heart rate was 61bpm one day, which it hadn't been for a while). I purposefully took a couple of days to just watch Netflix and clean out my room and not do anything.

I did an all day hike with friends, which was not for the weak hearted! It was over 6 hours, mostly uphill, and very muddy. I'm honestly surprised no one got hurt. In New Zealand, a bush walk means you follow plastic triangles on trees to reach your destination. We don't believe in actual paths, let alone concrete.

At the moment I'm an my grandparents with my dad. We came down to surprise my Poppa for his birthday, and because it's nice to see family. It lowkey sucks to be away from my group because we're doing heaps of stuff together at the moment, but also it's good to be away. It's nice to be somewhere different for a while, and it changes the type of poetry I'm writing.

My break is going so fast. I'm spending the last week volunteering for a community group, during which I'm going to help with the school holiday program. To get into the teaching program I want to be in you have to talk about you working with children, community groups and so on. But also I felt like I should do something productive with my month off.

I've had time to do some reading! But I'm so out of the loop with new YA and what books are being talked about. So any suggestions to get me back on the right track would be appreciated! Lorde and Imagine Dragons dropped new records, so excuse me while I lie on my bed and listen to them (over and over) and decide if I like them or not.

So, that's my June! Tell me how yours was! Anything exciting happen? What have you been reading and watching? What music are you listening to? What cool stuff is going on?
Opal is still trying to understand where the last 6 months went?? 



    Wow, sounds like you've been busy! And that hike sounds hardcore, oh my goodness. You have much more strength than I do. XD

  2. This year is passing by so quickly...I wish I could tell it to calm down a bit. :') Glad to know your June was busy and lively. :) (Also Lorde is so damn good - Homemade Dynamite is my favourite!)

  3. I'm also struggling with finding something to do with this summer... Likewise, my break is half-over, too. I've been reading a lot, though. You might want to check out Labyrinth Lost by Zoraida Cordova. It has really good worldbuilding, if you're into that. :)

  4. I spent half of June tramping in India with my family. It was a little higher than in NZ (we crossed a 5000 m pass, lol. We were going to cross a higher one except bad weather+ sickness). ANYWAY. I also read a lot and hung out with my family and friends and baked. Now I've finished school I have no idea what to do with myself. (I'm starting uni in New Zealand next year) anyway.

  5. haha snowflakes in July was weird until I remembered you were in New Zealand!

    wow props to you for doing that hike! It sounds tiring. XD

    (I still need to check out Lorde's album *hides*)