Thursday, August 22, 2013

How I Completed a Short Term Goal, and Made 5 Calls in 10 Minutes

Thursday is a good day. I have Speech and Drama, I get to go to the Library. Every second Thursday I have Creative Writing. Mum has bought in this new thing. After Speech and Drama, I catch the bus to Dad's Work.

Yes The Bus.

What kind of mother does that? Oh, yea. MINE. I really, really, really don't like the bus. Why? Well, I have never, ever had a good experience on one. I have very strong feeling about the bus. Very strong negative feelings.

Bad Bus Experience #1
While mum and dad were away my sister and I were staying with friends, we decided to go Christmas shopping, and to catch the bus into town. We missed the bus because (I'm embarrassed to say) we couldn't find the bus stop (turns out it was 2 more blocks over). So Mr Friend dropped us off on his way in.
We did catch the bus back I'm proud to say! But, the bus driver was so grumpy. I think he thought we were horrid teenagers *cough*. So, we got on. The nice old lady in front of us didn't pay, so we thought you paid when you got off the bus. Oh, how deluded we were. Next thing we know...
'Oy, you two' *We turn around* 'Why aren't you going to pay?!' *We hand over the money and apologise* *He grunts* *We sit down*
On the way out, we decided to be nice Christians, and gave him sweet smiles and big thank you's, which he ignored.
Thanks for putting me off buses, Mr Bus Driver. (P.S., you owe us a $1, cause it's only $1.5 for us, not $2)

Bad Bus Experience #2
I missed the bus (It was JUST leaving as I turned the corner, about 225m away from the stop) and ended up walking 3.1km to dad's work, because I didn't know there was a bus 20 minutes after the first one. Needless to say I was not a happy camper. (Though I have $2 in my wallet from mum still)

Bad Bus Experience #3 (Today)
I made it to the stop, got on the bus, paid $2 (just realised I didn't get my 50 cent change :/ ). Made it to dads work, only to find dad had gone home. It caused a great upset, because dad doesn't us a a cellphone, so we couldn't contact him until he got home. We missed each other literally by minutes. Arg.   

Catching the bus was a short term goal. Complete!

I made 5 calls in 10 minutes because mum didn't have her cellphone on her, it was in the car. We were waiting for her because she was running really late for my sister Cello lesson. I rang every two minutes, much to my sister amusement.

Today's drama now comes to an end.


P.S. Our bus service owes me a whole $1!!

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