Friday, August 30, 2013

Week One : 100 for 100

Oh, what a week.

I have never ever had to stick at one story for so long.


I admit, my habit of jumping from idea to idea is bad. But until now, I have gotten away with it!

And I like it that way, I have discovered. I am rather like a little kid who's not allowed a lollipop everyday any more.

In fact, one day when I was feeling particularly snotty about it, I wrote exactly 100 words, and stopped (It took me about 20 minutes to get there!). I also felt a little depressed because in our email loop, people where throwing around word counts like 90,000, but they have been working on theirs a lot longer than me.

If you have read my 100 for 100 page, you might know we are allowed one 'grace day' a week. I was tempted to use this almost everyday, but I kept telling myself I might actually need it for a good reason.

That good reason never came. 


However, I have written at least 100 words for an entire week!! Yay me!

One day, maybe, I will be a disciplined writer, who can stick to one story at a time.

And, my still un-named story has now got 3, 555 words!!!!!!! (My lovely fellow writers over at Go Teen Writers tell me it's ok that I still haven't got a name yet).

Whoop Whoop!


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