Thursday, September 19, 2013

5 reasons today was dramatic

1. I realised the 'water stone' - the stone on the end of my pump that disperses oxygen in to my fish tank - had stopped working!!! I have no idea for how long the fish had been without oxygen, so today in town we made an emergency trip to Wet Pets, and bought two more for $4. When I got home, the tubbing was stretched from the last one, so I had to cut 3cm off, then put the new one on. Arg.

2. I got my speech and drama exam results back!! I got honours, the second highest mark!! Whoop whoop! Apparently I needed to work on my facial expression.

3. Dad started updating Apple stuff to iOS 7!!

4. Me and mum meet the diabetes youth coordinator. She bought us coffee (thanks!!) and we talked about some exciting stuff....

5. Hunter caught a baby rabbit. I think its about a month old, and its so cute! I'm not sure it will make the night - its not bleeding, but I think one of its legs is broken. Often wild animals cark it on the first night from the stress.
My last wild animal rescue was a bird. Cheepy was my little baby, but he died suddenly. I woke up one morning and he was sick - such is the nature of birds, and as a baby, he fell two metres on to concrete, where dad found him. Why Cheepy? This is why:

On and on and on... He'd stop after a feed, for about 20 minutes, then it was time for another feed. Here he is at two or so weeks... 

He, I think, was  a girl... Cheepy started developing soft brown feathers. As you can see in the above picture, he still had some baby fluff. Cheepy loved water. Seriously, the first bath in water was in a shallow-ish dish, and I put him in there, and he splashed around, flicked it with his wings... He just loved water! 


Here is the little guy! 

I try very hard not to give wild animals names. Cheepy was a nickname, I didn't set out to give him a name.  

What a day!! 

Oh yea, and tomorrow I'm going to spend half the day at the high school I might be attending next year, so see whats its like.

The Wild Animal Rescue Girl

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