Thursday, September 5, 2013

Be Late For Something Day

OK, here's something for you. Did you know that there's like a celebration for like everyday of the year?

Today is Be Late For Something day. 

The idea is something like this: Our modern day lives are always rushed and on the go and we are always running around to obey our busy schedules so we should slow down and be late to something today. 

Our family practically lives by being fashionably late. We try not to, but we don't seem to be able to avoid being late. Even if we plan on leaving early, somehow we always end up not arriving on time. 

I swear we have an unbreakable curse upon us!! (Sorry, I had speech and drama today.)

Anyway, I try hard to be on time. When I can drive, I can start being on time, because I'll be in charge! Whoop Whoop!

 Reality cheek: that's still a few years away. 

So today, it happens we were EARLY. It was a miracle I marvelled at while waiting for my speech and drama lesson to start. Normally the lesson before us runs over time, and so do we. So while I'm there before we start, I'm not always early. 

Only we could could be early on Be Late For Something day. 

Only us. 

Trust me. 

Happy Be Late For Something day. 

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