Friday, September 6, 2013

My Incurable Habit

I have a healthy amount of paper. In fact, I had folders and folders of paper. I have a lot of notebooks. The reason I have full notebooks and all this paper is because once I have an idea for story I research. I don't go 'oh, lets set it in California'. I go 'Wow, I should so set this is California. Ohmygosh I know nothing about California!!' 
Which is why I have the Wikipedia pages about California in one of my folders, along with all my other scribblings and research for that story. I made it 1/4 through my fist draft and currently it sits quietly waiting for me to return, a full plot sketched out. (Did you know 1 out of 8 American live in California??)
I also keep a diary/journal. Once, I used one diary in two weeks. I think it's just a sign that I was destined to write. And write. And write.
Hey, sometimes, a girl has stuff to say.
A few weeks ago I decided to 'sort out' all my paper. In truth, all I did was put it in a big blue ring binder, and call it my writing folder. Oh, yea, and I labelled each different idea. It took me two hours.

I just love paper. I can't help it! I love notebooks, too. And pens. There is so many awesome pens you can buy!!
When I have my own money, I probably spend it all on stationary. 

YOLO, my friends, YOLO. 

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