Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Red Bricks

So we are doing some stuff around the house. Like taking out walls and fences and digging holes, moving water tanks.
Just stuff, really. 

So, part of my job (if I want money, so I can afford to run my cellphone) is to lift bricks. 


Ok, here's some statistics for y'all.

The red average brick weighs 2.7kg (6 pounds)
I moved about 227 bricks.
Thats 612.9kg. 
It took about 6 loads in the wheelbarrow.
It took me an hour. 
Thats about 10 minutes to dig up the bricks, load the wheelbarrow, wheel the wheelbarrow, and unload it. 
My wrists hurt after it all (but strangely nothing else).

I felt like I had done so much! 

Then I turned around and took a good look:

Meh. How embarrassing. There's hardly anything there. 

Off to dig up more bricks. 

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