Saturday, September 7, 2013

10 Things Before Christmas

It's 15 weeks until Christmas! *gasp* 
Have you been Christmas shopping yet? Or are you like me, and wait until the last possible minute? Bleh. Shopping. 
I have a lot of things to keep me busy. My 100 for 100 challenge. Exams. Decisions to make.  Food to eat. 


10 Things Before Christmas is 10 short-term goals I want to complete. I'm not sure if I will get through them all, but one can try! I will be doing a weekly update. This will be a fun little segment to do :) And ending the year by having completed some goals will be nice. 

My goals: 

1) Write 10 book reviews
2) Paint/Draw 10 pictures
3) Read 10 books of the Bible
4) Read 10 new books
5) Take 10 good photographs
6) Do 10 nice things for other people
7) Write 10 blog posts about things I love
8) Do 10 new crafts
9) Cook 10 meals for my family
10) Get out of my comfort zone 10 times

Please do not hesitate to do the same thing! Feel free to copy my picture as well :) 

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