Tuesday, October 22, 2013

An Ode To Summer - By Hunter

Hi y'all, Im Hunter 
Hi, I'm Hunter - and this is my Mum's blog. When I say mum, I mean like my human mum. Cause my real mum was a long haired ginger cat. I had lots of brothers and sisters once, but mum and aunty (mums sister) only took me and Tigger. Now Tigger's gone too, he passed away :( I'm a runt, so I haven't really gotten that big. I like to sleep, eat and stalk Black Berry. I'm pretty smart for a cat. I've worked out that if I scratch the couch, mum feeds me, and if I give a nice long, loud meow, I get cuddles. 

Just to make it clear, I don't know much about ode's, only that they are lyrical and can be sung (please, please don't ask aunty to sing it in opera).
But like my human mum pointed out to me, as a cat you only live once, and the title does sound rather dramatic.

A Summer Ode 

By Hunter

I can smell the dry grass,
One can tell Summer is near,
They're having bush fires over the ditch
But I don't really care.

I'm a cat you see,
Theres nothing I can do,
I just listen to the news,
And meow in despair.

I'm not very good a rhyming,
I would be better,
If cats could attend school,
And thats a true fact.

And anyways, back to my ode of summer,
That is not really that lyrical,
Which is a bit of a bummer,
But I can smell summer.

The sun comes out,
The birds make their nests,
Summer is here,
Summer is here.

Its now that I end my ode,
Because we are still really in Spring,
I can't smell Summer,
And my ode just got dumber.

Off for a quick bite to eat,

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