Saturday, October 5, 2013

Some stuff about me... In case you were wondering.

Color? Purple
Music? Pop
Sport? Horse back riding
Holiday? Summer holidays!
Food? Pasta
Number? 64. Theres just something nice about 64.
Movie? Prince Caspian
Place? Outside or on my bed
Drink? Coffee!
Day of week? Saturday.
Month? December
City? Wellington
Animal? Horse
Time of day? 4pm
Smell? Horses, coffee and freshly cut grass. And pine trees.

This Or That...
Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate!
Friends or family? Both
Love or money? Both is nice xD
Listen to someone talk or talking? TALKING!!
Magazines or comics? Magazines

Do you have any regrets? Yes. I regret ever trusting that rock climbing was a good idea. 
Never again.
Want to get married? Not really. But mum promised me a coffee machine if I did.
Want kids? NO
Do you believe in yourself? I guess so.
Last movie you saw at the movies? Was it good? Ummmmmm I can't remember when that was.
Can you handle the truth? Yup. I think.
Most missed memory? Umm I miss mum doing everything for me. Those were the days.
First thought waking up? Morning already?!
How do you want to die? Painlessly
Do you get along with your parents? We get along alright.
Do you swear? Nope
Do you have a pet? Kitty cat! And 3 fish.
Have you ever passed out? Nope. I don't think so. Would I remember??
Do you get good grades? I'm average most of the time. One must strive to be better.

Do You Believe In...
God? Yes.
Aliens? No
Ghosts? No
Afterlife? I believe in Heven and Hell
Karma? Kind of.
Magic? No

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