Friday, November 8, 2013

3 Bad Habits I Won't Be Giving Up

I admit to possibly having bad habits - here are 3 I'm not giving up!

  • Coffee Drinking
The only people who really believe that coffee is bad for you are people who are caffeine deprived. Your brain simply doesn't function without caffeine, hence the reason they think that. If they had coffee, all would become clear to them. Coffee does have proved benefits, including extending your life. Or so the studies say. 
I need coffee to make it through the day. I have actually cut back majorly on my coffee consumption, because I was getting headaches when I didn't drink two or three cups everyday. However, without coffee I wouldn't make it through the day - such is the life of a Night Owl. 
Anyway, the taste is great. No way I'm giving up on coffee.
  • OCD 
Yes, it's true I clean things. A lot. Especially when I'm stressed. My mother asked me to tone down on my cleaning because she felt like she was in a show home last week.  She was the one who started this whole exam thing anyway. 
There's nothing wrong with hating mess, in my point of view. I don't mind getting muddy, but I nearly always clean it off. The one place I can't stand dirt is under my finger nails. And anyway, atleast all my stuff is where it belongs so I can find it. Yes, I'm a neat-freak. 
No, I don't have a problem with that. 
  • Being a Night Owl (Well, I do plan to change this sometime) 
I know staying up late is a terrible habit, but if I want quiet, the only time I get it is after 9:30pm or before 6am. Mum gets up at 6am, my sister and father sometime between 7am and 7:30am. And anyway, I've worked out the minimum amount of sleep I need (8 hours). Don't lecture me on how bad it is - I know. Maybe I'll try going to bed really early and getting up super early. 
Don't laugh yet! 

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