Saturday, November 9, 2013

Oh, To Bee a Bee

So I had this idea in my head (yes, it does happen) about taking a picture of a Bee. I cannot begin tell you how ridiculous this is, because I cannot stand Bee's.

So when I woke up today, I decided today would be the day I would get that picture. So I charged the camera, and did my chores, imagining the text-book like picture I would take.

When I went outside, I realised that  may not really be dressed correctly, considering I was wearing purple, yellow and orange. Yes, they clash, but its spring so I'm allowed! From the Bee's point of view I probably looked an awful lot like a flower.

Of course, all of this occurred to me after I went outside. Anyway, the Bee's looked so happy on the lemon tee I thought they wouldn't be interested in me. 

My inner blonde told me to forge on (sorry, no offence meant. My 'blonde moments' are an insult to blondes). 

So anyway I creep closer, and then seemingly all at once, the Bees move flowers. Thinking they were heading for me, I high-tailed it out. I may or may not have screamed. 

I decided I might give up on this idea, when suddenly I see a Bee heading toward me. I wasn't sure where to go, because mum always says to stay still and calm, so I sort of did this run in a circle before sprinting away. 

Of course this happens outside my sisters bedroom window, and she's laughing her head off.

So I went back to taking pictures of roses. Its much safer.

Its going to bee a long summer.

 I'm sorry, I just couldn't resist. 

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