Tuesday, December 10, 2013

15 Days Until Christmas.

I'm sorry, did you just say it's 15 days till Christmas?

Saaaaaaay what?!? You're joking, right? Cause I haven't wrapped any presents yet.

Um, they're in the bottom of my cupboard. The ones have bought, that is. Ooops.

Well. Shopping isn't my strong point. Unless in involves horses. I could spend hours in the Saddlery Warehouse. If certain people didn't follow me around giving big sighs until we walk out the door, then what do you know, everyone but me is happy again.

Anyway, I just got totally side tracked.

So me and mah sister have this thing. It's weird, but whateves. We never play Christmas carols until the tree is up. My mother decided this year we should invest in a fake tree.

Fake trees don't droop or need watering, I'm told. Or a bucket, and they don't make dad sneeze, also they don't drop needles everywhere.

We have been into the supermarket 2 times and completely forgot to get a tree. So we are still treeless, and probably will be for another few days.

In the meantime, while you play your Christmas carols, I'll go sit in the corner.

By myself, completely treeless.

Woe on me.

Last years tree stayed up till after my birthday.
It started drooping.
But we played Christmas carols.
So it was OK. 


  1. Say whaaaaaaaaat????? You're kidding right? Yeah, I think you are, just yesterday it was Christmas 2012, you're totally kidding me. ;)

    1. I know, last years Christmas is still clear in my mind!

    2. Ugh, it's kind of annoying, going "hey, it's not December!" *looks at calendar* "Maybe it is,"

      BTW, where do you get your progress bar on the side? It looks better than the one I use. XD

    3. I know, me too!!!!
      I can't remember :/ It was a very basic site, so I fiddled with the code after it was made, and my dad helped me, because he does some coding himself :)