Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013, You Were All Right

Lets just quickly run over what 2013 held. I know practically every blogger is doing this right now, but I don't see why that should stop me. Just let me get my diary. My mind doesn't stretch that far back.

Ooh, we went to the beach! That was fun. I stretched my comfort zone a bit there.
Oh yes, the local equestrian center trial. A long rant about barn princess's (which is what I nicknamed the group of girls who were snotty). Once again, I stretched my comfort zone.

Started school work. Bleh.
We had a friend around, and snagged the opportunity to herd some sheep - it was her first time cause she's lived in town her whole life. Now, that was fun!
Otherwise it was a boring month.

Went to the dressage show with HorseFrenzy! That was fun :D
Otherwise passed quietly.

I must have been a bit depressed, because I've written a list of animals the good Lord took. Oh boy, and some poems.
A long ramble about Creative writing class. It was an awkward one.
Stayed with HorseFrenzy - we stared Horse Buzz NZ!

We held capture the flag for homeschoolers at our house.
I got my pump, and spent a lot of time moaning about it.

I stared Speech and Drama. I'm incredibly happy.
I was the stage manger for a play.
I'm still complaining about my pump.

I talk an awful lot about how fun speech and drama is.
Not much else.

I spent half a day at high school, and enjoy it.
The divide between me and the other home school girls starts to widen a lot.
I'm torn between school and staying home schooled.
I start my blog.

A start writing seriously, starting with the 100/4/100.
Creative class is now a drag.
I do my Speech and Drama exam which makes me flip out, but I pass with Honours.

I stay with HorseFrenzy and we have a crazy good time.
I have a single diary entry in October. Oops.
I meet with the dean for academics at the high school, and he impresses me.

I'm studying all the time. Then my exams are over.
Whispers comes to me, and I sit down and start writing.
I spend way to much time analysing situations. I'm a girl, what can I say?
I decide to go to school after an incident at craft group. I'm enrolled.

Erm, the days whizzed past really quickly, and I haven't written anything in my diary.
I'm deep into my writing, and spend hours tapping away. I finish Whispers, and begin the sequel. I collaborate to make Ravens and Writing Desks.
Christmas comes and go. And now its the last day of 2013.

2013 was a time of big change for me, it threw stuff at me, but I made it out alive. I just found my new year resolutions - and guess what? Writing a book is one of them!

So as we leave 2013, lets leave 2013 in 2013 and move on to a new year. Please.

What are your New Years resolutions if you do them?