Monday, December 30, 2013

Writing Challenge: Day 18

Day eighteen of the writing challenge: Someone I miss.I'm sure sure why this on is on here twice, but I'll run with it anyway.

I miss Twilight, I'm looking after the neighbours animals right now, and it's nice to see our ex-lambs. Twilight was a bad mummy, she meet her fate earlier this year. But Maple and Moonlight are still around, even if Twilight, Opal and Ace aren't. 

Twilight was full of sheep-ish character. Wasn't she, HorseFrenzy? :p 


  1. Omg! I tell you this sheep is evil!
    I smacked it on the head with a branch because it was charging me... After that WildHorse told me that Twilight would come to my house and stalk me.... I still worry....

    1. I think the feeling of dislike was mutual after you hit her xD
      She was just trying to say hi! lol