Thursday, December 19, 2013

Writing Challenge: Day 7

Day seven of the writing challenge: Someone who doesn't live in my country.
This is acutely day six, but I got day six and seven mixed up... oops.

Someone who doesn't live in New Zealand... TW Wright

TW was one of the first friends I made over GTW (Go Teen Writers). She encourages me with my writing. I just started a writing blog with her and 2 other girls :) I'm so excited for this blog, which you can find here.  
And by her own words, of her blog, which you can find here, this is TW (Or Abrielle). 


I'm the one running this blog!
My name is Abrielle Lindsay, but I like to go by Lindsay.
I started this blog so you would know about my life here in Papua/Indonesia.
Just read my blog and find out what it's like here.
I'm in 6th grade but I'm 11.
I want to be a teacher and a author when I grow up.
I am a Christian that LOVES LORD  Jesus.
I LOVE animals and wish I could save all of them.
Even though I live overseas I have lots of non-Indonesian/
Papuan friends(though I have a lot of those friends too:))
We do all kinds of stuff here from hiking DOWN to a waterfall to climbing in a boat to go to the beach.
If you have questions comment below or on the post where you have a question!

Here are some things about me!
Favorite Colors: Aquamarine and Brown
Favorite Food: Black Bean and Spicy Chicken Burrito
Best Friends: Addie Grace, Abbie, Adelaide, and Amanda
Favorite Games: Crocodile, Crocodile, Mission Im'pasta'ble, and Capture the Flag
Favorite Bible Story: Lazarus Raised From the Dead
Favorite Hobbies: Making Friendship Bracelets, Emailing, Blogging, Reading and Writing
Favorite Book SERIES: Left Behind >The Kids<
Favorite Book: Holes By, Louis Sacher
Favorite Movie: Wreck-It Ralph
Favorite TV Show: Phineas (spell?!) and Ferb
Favorite Sport: Soccer
Thank you and I hope you enjoy!
(Abrielle) Lindsay"

Hope you don't mind I stole that off your blog TW ;) 


  1. :) Thanks for featuring me, haha, LOL. :) Don't mind at all!! but it is a little out of date, right now I'm 12 and in the 7th grade, but, it really doesn't matter. ;)
    I'm so happy that we're friends, I just wish we could devise a way to meet.... :/

    1. Not a problem! :D
      Oops lol
      Yea, me too!!! :D :D