Monday, April 28, 2014

Character Development: Seeta II

Seeta's last questions are here, and I would like to introduce someone else to you...

Do you have a horse? If so, what's its name? Yes, his name is Waithjessi. It means Windeater in the ancient language.
Where do you live? Normally I live at the castle in Munua. 
Is there any tech. stuff around there? What is 'tech. stuff'? 
If you aren't horse riding, what's your next thing on the list? Sword fight. 
Who do you look up to the most? I looked up to my father when I was younger, but right now I don't really look up to anyone. 
What do you like about horses? Horses work with you, you can teach them things and they will teach you in return. Waithjessi and I are friends. 
What are your goals in life? Win the Camp, marry Cre and be a good father. 

Thanks you for the questions for Seeta, next I would like to work on a character for my other WIP, her name is Ally. 

Ally has been struggling with bulimia and anorexia for almost 4 years. She and her brother, Heman attend the Christian group at Middleking every week. Ally has given her life to God, but still struggles with her self-worth. She loves to sing, but often her eating habits cause her voice to fade or crack. Her brother Heman is trying to help her, as doctors have failed. Ally is generally very friendly and is more likely to judge herself than those around her. Her red hair (I could hardly not have a character with red hair!) often causes people to remember her from their first meeting. Ally has kept her eating disorders a secret from those around her. 

Any questions you have about Ally can be left in the comments, and in a few days, her post will come out :)  
- Thanks to anyone who does comment with their questions, it's a great help for me in extending and stretching each character. 


  1. How do you feel about your problems? How is God helping you through them? Is there someone special who has been an inspiration to you?

    These are fun!! Thanks for letting us help, WildHorse. :)