Thursday, April 10, 2014

Performance Night

It's 5:55pm, and I'm running down the ring road, my bare feet slapping the group. My school skirt is flying about my knee's and in my hand I'm clutching the booklet I have to hand in to my drama teacher. I'm running late. I pass two class mates, who are making a last attempt phone call home for parents to bring in a booklet. If you don't hand your booklet in, you have an automatic fail.

I slow to a walk at the door. I glance around quickly before I step into the dark auditorium. My eyes take a second to adjust, and when they do I take more confident steps.
'Hello.' Several people call out. I wave and smile, making a beeline for Jackson, who is the first member of my group I spot.

'I have the stuff.' He's already unzipping the bag, and I lean over to see.

'Wooden spoon, white cloth.' He holds the items up, and I nod, my eyes flicking around, checking out whats going on around me.

'...And our cauldron.' Jackson holds up a blue tea pot. I feel my eyes widen.

'Cool.' I say enthusiastically. My eyes flick about the auditorium again. 'Where's Ruby?'

'Dressing room.' Jackson wraps the teapot back up. 'If we break it, my mum will kill me.'

I feel a smile slip on my face, how often do I say that? but I quickly hide it.

'I'm gonna find Ruby.' I cross the stage space, slip around 3 of the boys, go through the door and enter the hallway. I can hear Ruby's voice now, and stop at the entrance of the dressing room.

'Hi!' She waves me in. 'Oh, we need to do your makeup.' She stand up and sets toward me purposely. I back up a step, my mind searching for a way to put this off for as long as possible.

'I should probably take my uniform off first.' I reach for my bag, thinking of my white shirt.

'Good point.' Ruby nods.

I change, and Ruby does my makeup. Thick eye liner and mascara, bright lipstick. We attack Jackson, and Ruby keeps sighing when he moves his head.

The backstage hands flutter around, more of hindrance than help. We help each other, exchange props, cheek the order list. They ask us how we feel, have we given our orders to the lighting person? Of course, we say.

'Take your seat please.' Our teacher moves us out of the dressing room, and we slip out through the curtain to our seats. The first group doesn't follow us, they take their places.

A 2 litre bottle of Pepsi is produced while we wait, followed by a bag of M&M's. Hands reach out, filling up their palms with the M&M's. Next the bottle of Pepsi is passed around. 'Just a mouthful!.' 'Me next!'

'Chill.' Jackson leans back in his chair. I give a tense smile. His way of dealing with the pressure is to go over everything time after time. I have been over everything with him at least 3 times.

'Pray.' Advises Edmond, with a wise nod. An amused smile crosses my face. 'No, seriously. Just say something like "God, please don't let me embarrass myself." Edmond's brow wrinkles. Jackson has an amused smile on his face as well. I give a serious nod, and Edmond leans back, satisfied.

'Honestly, just relax.' Jackson says again. The hair tie I keep around my wrist is slapping on my skin. Over and over. It's a habit I've picked up. I find it keeps me focused. Slap, slap, slap.

I close my eyes briefly, and send a prayer to God. Instantly I feel better, and relax in the hard plastic chair.

The lights dim. Performance night has begun...

I did this performance a week ago yesterday, and I didn't embarrass myself on stage! I preformed in two different groups. I am still waiting to hear if I passed or not. Pulling this night off helped me get to know my drama classmates better, so I feel a lot more comfortable in class now.
I changed my classmates names, and missed some parts out, because there was a lot of technical stuff to run through beforehand that is boring to read about :)
The pot did get broken by a classmate. 


  1. Loved this, WildHorse! =) It felt like a story! =D

    Ooh, ouch. Did his mum really kill the poor kid? =/ Ouch.


    1. Haha no, we offered to pay for it, but his mother wasn't as upset as he thought she would.