Thursday, May 15, 2014

I Miss You In Numbers

I slapped this poem together. It's not very good, but this is poetry. I'm not convinced anyone really knows what good poetry is. I certainly don't. In fact, the world of poems is a mystery to me. I rarely, if ever, write any.

Oh well. Haters gonna hate: Proverbs 9:8

I Miss You in Numbers
Do you remember the time we baked 10 huge cookies together? 
On my 9th birthday you sang me to sleep for the last time. 
8 times you cried in front of me, after dad died.
It took me 7 days to believe it was true. 
I was strong 6 times yesterday.
The 5 aunts were arguing over me. 
It’s 4 days since the final goodbye.
3 people I didn’t know dropped off meals. 
I did have 2 parents. 
We only had 1 life together. 


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