Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Silence

I need to apologise for my lack of blogging after I promised at least two posts a week. I'm not sure how it slipped out of hands, but it did. Anyway, I'm back for my Saturday post. Sorry there was no Wednesday post this week, but I haven't really done any writing anyway. 

I haven't done any writing. I opened my documents a few times, stared at them then closed them. 

I've been listening to Bastille on the bus, and I think the song below has hit about where I'm at. The words are there, I know they are, its just a matter of relaxing and just writing. 

I start Camp NaNoWriMo on July 1st, and I'm in a really great, Christian, supportive cabin, so hopefully I will really start to get a move on. 

In the meantime, here's The Silence for you :) 

Off to study for my Electricity internal and practise my drama lines. I'll do a post for you about the performance night like I did last time

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