Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Snippets, Playing With Fire

It's been a while, and I'm sorry about that. Every time I think I finally have control and time, things come up. Blogging has been pushed to the back burner because of this. Writing, however, has not, and so here are some snippets from Playing With Fire, which has now reached over 40, 000 words, thanks to Camp NaNoWriMo. 

I sent the first 10, 000 words to a friend, and she returned them with some very helpful advise, so I know what kind of work the story is going to need when the first draft is finished. I feel like Playing With Fire is going to end out quite long, and the thought of 100, 000 words has been floating around for the last few days. 

There is so many things I want to still happen, and to be honest, what I want to do to my characters isn't very nice ;) Anyway, here are 4 snippets :) 

Another day of riding. It is hard for Cre, but she doesn't complain. I have a growing respect for her. Seeta as well. He leads everyday, picking the right route out of the land in a heartbeat. 'Hunting.' He informs us. I have to wonder how often he used to go hunting, how many hours he has spent analysing land for tracks. Ruwa though, he holds it together, making sure we have a good place to camp, some wood, and the night before we finally make it to plains, he even finds some brushes to protect us from a steady wind. 
I shot a rabbit one night, and that pretty much summons up what I do to help. I am little good for anything else. I can light the fire, but I cannot cook the rabbit. Ruwa tells me that I am a big hep, but I think he means its helpful that I am a constant, a non changing factor as we travel. Everyones stone to stand on. I hate it. 

‘You’re sick.’ Cre tells me, as if I couldn’t tell. ‘A healer is going to come and see you. I don’t think its to bad, but your body is worn down, so that makes it worse.’ 
I want to make 10 sarcastic remarks, but my throat hurts to much. Instead I roll over, falling asleep instantly, letting the black swallow me, and I welcome it, the escape from pain. 

‘This one.’ I point, rather than touch the solid metal band that goes around the base of his wrist, it spans as wide as half of my finger. 
‘It’s permeant, removing it is a very painful ordeal. It is my coming of age band.’ Ruwa takes his hand back, turning the band as he speaks. 
‘What do the symbols on it mean?’ 
‘The sword is because most people think my second skill is fighting, the raindrop is because my talent is Waterlover.  The sun is because I mainly worship Popea, and the moon is to remind me that Popea isn’t the only one with control.’ 
‘Why do you need the amulets then?’ I frown. 
‘They symbolise the gods my family bought me up on, and they also invoke protection.’ Ruwa pushes the band down, because it has been pushed up by the fiddling, but not before I catch sight of white lines criss-crossing under it. I push the band up as far as it will go, revealing the design. 
Two triangles without a base overlap, making a diamond shape in the middle, with two lines poking out each end. 
‘Whats this?’ I keep my tone light, silly almost.

‘What are you doing down here? I change the conversation. 
‘Washing.’ Cre dumps the armful of clothes she has in a tub of boiling water. 
‘Cre.’ I say, a ball of dread forming in my stomach. ‘Please tell me that none of those clothes are mine.’ 
‘Well, it’s a little to late to tell me you don’t want me to wash them now. ’ Cre looks put out.
‘I’m soaking wet, and my only change of clothes are in you washing tub.’ I give the tub a dirty look. Cre looks at the floor, were the water dripping off me has formed a little puddle. 
‘Sorry?’ She says, as if she doesn’t quite understand, but at the same time, she does, and she’s not sure whether what she did is a bad thing or not. 
‘What am I going to put on?’ I ask, giving her a dirty look now. 
‘I would offer you a dress, but I’m wearing the only one I bought.’ Cre begins to look distraught. ‘I’m so sorry Azar, I should have asked first.’
‘To right you should have.’ I stomp out, and turn down the hall, heading for the bath rooms. 

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