Saturday, August 16, 2014

August Blog Challenge: Week 2

I'm so sorry this has been so long in coming! But here is the entire week two of the August Blog Challenge :)

Tell us about your best friend: Well, she has red-ish hair, because she dyed it. She has blue eyes, so we could pretty much be sisters. She is always on the move and is awesome at art! She is really smart and is as anti-social as me :) She blogs here.

My favourite blogs to read: Well, I love Go Teen Writers, Garden of Happiness, Painting The Sky and Indonesia Around Me

A message to everyone in my age group: You do not need a girlfriend/boyfriend at our age. Get a cat.

Something I would like to do to help others: Go on a mission trip to somewhere like Brazil or Africa.

You can join TW, BrookeJessy Jones and I as we do the August Blog Challenge anytime!

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