Monday, September 29, 2014

Suffering From a Lack of Writing

I made it 5 very miserable days after finishing Playing With Fire without writing. Unfortunately, I have had to diagnose myself with TMSIMH* and DAFW**. This is terrible news, and it meant on the 5th day of no writing, I was planning out a new story, complete with a Pinterest board.  By the 6th day, I was itching to write, my finger rested on the keyboard, the blank screen in front of me. I wrote 3000 words on the first day, making up for my 5 days off.

The start of my writing journey was with Go Teen Writers, in which I stumbled upon their blog in time to do the 100 for 100 in 2013. This installed a frightful habit that it was supposed to- I become one of those scary people who write everyday out of habit. And after doing this for over a year, and hardly ever missing a day (it gets to the point where I take a paper and pencil with me so that I get something done) apparently not writing for 5 days made me sick.

I suffered terribly, hence the DAFW diagnosis. I'm slowly recovering from TMSIMH, now that I have something to concentrate on. And since it did come up, I bet you're all dying to hear about my new story. If you aren't, you're going hear about in anyway 'cause I'm going to tell you :)

(Is this feeling of pride something like what a mother feels for her child? My DAFW is worse that I thought!)

I'm just so excited about this idea! I'm not planning on Paper Hearts & Other Miscellaneous Things making it to 50, 000 words, in fact, I think it will have more impact if it stops at about 35, 000-40, 000 words, as a Novella. 

What is Paper Hearts & Other Miscellaneous Things? Basically, it's a mixture of ideas I've had for a while. It's written from a small town, 16 year old girls point of view, and it is brutally honest about the world she sees around her. I have been collecting my observations about the world for a while now, and keep them in a box, and many of them will be in the story. 

Her name is Amber Chambers, and she has lived in Coal Creek her whole life. She has had the same group of friends for her whole life, expect for one thing- her best friend Ruben Eaton made it out of Coal Creek when he was 13. He returns for a few weeks, and nostalgia for the past and hope for the future run high. 

Paper Hearts & Other Miscellaneous Things is not a romance. There will not be swearing in it (due to the fact I do not use swear words), but there is drinking, smoking and drugs. This is the world we live in, and like I said, I want it to be brutally honest. Because of this, it is definitely aimed at teenagers and young adults. 

I have written 5, 916 over two days I have been writing, and I am very happy with the word count. It's a good thing I'm on holiday right now, otherwise I would be going mad sitting in the classroom. 

"A few weeks ago a strange boy with dark circles under his eyes and blonde hair walked through the door of Baker’s Bakery. He bought a loaf of bread, and asked for a take away Hot Chocolate. He leaned on the counter as he waited, and was silent for a minute then he asked if I knew Ruben Eaton. About a billion answers flew through my mind as memories swelled and fell away, but in the end I just smiled. I said I used to.The stranger nodded, and said ‘me too.’ It’s weird how strangers lives can be entwined by one person."  

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*Too Many Stories In My Head
**Deep Affection For Writing


  1. AAAAH! I love that story excerpt :) I can just feel it that it's gonna be a great story too :)