Saturday, November 22, 2014

Blogger Recognition Award & One Lovely Blog

Autumn at Autumns Reading and Writings nominated me for two blog awards! Thanks Autumn :) 

The Rules:
 ♥ Thank the person who nominated you. 
♥ Leave a link to their page. 
♥ Give a brief story about how you started blogging, and share some tips. 
♥ Nominate 15 other bloggers 
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Once upon a time, a long time ago (2011), deep in the New Zealand countryside, lived a young girl with a best friend. One day her best friend got a Wordpress blog, where she blogged about horses. Eyes flashing with excitement, the young girl asked if she could have a blog as well. Her father agreed, and Loving Horses the Kiwi Way was born. For a long time, the young girl blogged there. Then she started to think about blogging her life and other things, but her horsey blog didn't really provide the right platform. So she created My Incredibly Interesting Life. Then, the young girl and her best friend discovered the Diamond Spirit Series. The third book was called Opal Dreaming, and the young girl became kind of quite interested the name/word opal. She started naming things 'Opal'. A while later, the young girl (who wasn't so young any more) received an email from a friend who had moved to the USA  titled Opal Swirls and Ginger Tea. Suddenly struck with inspiration, the young girl decided to change My Incredibly  Interesting Life into Opal Swirls... And the rest is history, as they say. 

I started blogging at quite a young age, and have gone through my teens blogging. I still don't really have any idea what I'm doing, but the biggest thing I have learnt is that even if no one you know face to face reads your blog, somehow, people who have never met you can tell when you aren't being you. Just be real, down to earth and yourself, people will enjoy your blog more. Also, please, please do not have a long cluttered side bar. It's quite off putting. 

The Rules: 
♥ Thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog. 
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I like the smell of summer dirt
The sea is my second home 
I like the taste of a fresh apple 
And also sun warmed plums off the tree
I love the sound of laughter
The sight across a valley fuels my imagination 
But mostly I love being alive 

Nominations, for both awards: 

My best, best, bestest friend Horse Frenzy 
My other awesome friends, Heather & Rachel 
The amazing team at Ravens and Writing Desks TW Rcubed Mary  & Athelas 
And the GTW's critique group I was placed in, Annika Emma 

And because of the depressingly short list... If you are reading this, congratulations! You are nominated :)

Leave me a link so I can read y'alls!


  1. Ooh, thanks for the nomination! I also love the story of how you started blogging—I'm finding more and more that listening to other people's blogging stories is awesome. :)

    1. It is interesting! I can't wait to read yours :)