Friday, November 28, 2014

Paper Hearts: Amber Chambers


General: Amber works at Bakers Bakery, which doubles as a cafe. She resigned herself to the idea that her parents aren't really interested in her a long time ago. She is an average student, unlike her older brother. While she struggles with Calculus, she has no problem picking up a musical instrument and learning to play it. She has no wish to leave Coal Creek, but doesn't know where she is going with her life either.
She watches football games, illegally carts her friends around in her 2002 Dodge Ram and learning to horse back ride was the longest hobby she has ever had- it lasted for five months. Amber often takes the blame on herself, but is equally good at placing blame.

Family: Mom, Dad, older brother Ben.

Interests: Amber enjoy's signing and playing her guitar and sometimes she mucks around with water colors, but keeps the paintings to herself.


  1. I really love these posts... it's like an insightful view on your character's lives. :)

    1. Thank you :) It's helping me work them out as well :)