Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Paper Hearts: Vicky & Hugo Eyre


General: Vicky loves dancing, and she began when she was 3, dragging Hugo behind her. She is really close to Hugo, and shares everything with him. Vicky gets excited about everything, and is always looking for something new to do. Vicky has gotten caught up in having fun a few times, forgetting that she has responsibilities .
Vicky always has a smile on her face and something to share.

Family: Mom, Dad and Hugo

Interests: Dancing and watching TV


General: Hugo pretends that he does dancing because Vicky wants him to, but he really does enjoy it. He is very close to Vicky, although she does more of the 'feely' sharing. Hugo enjoys watching football and wants to be an engineer.
He has a strong sense of humour and loves planning pranks on his teachers, of which most land him in detention. Hugo jumps into new things without thinking, and often his friends are left to bail him out.

Family: Mom, Dad and Vicky

Interests: Dancing, cars and football