Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Last Paragraph

I wrote the last chapter of Paper Hearts yesterday.

No, it's not finished. I'm sorry. You'll have to save your confetti for the end of November ;)

For Whispers and Playing with fire, I wrote 20,000 ish words, then wrote the ending, then filled out the middle. I guess it's just how I work.


That, my friends, is the cover I made for Paper Hearts at the beginning of the idea. 

Do you want to know why? It's my last paragraph. I like my last paragraph.


When you step into AP English Literature and Composition you take a seat at the front, and the teacher tells you she’s trying a summer journal program. When she says your class will be testing her program starting today, you open your exercise book to the first blank page and write: 

Paper Hearts
Other Miscellaneous Things


As for why the title is Paper Hearts Other Miscellaneous Things, you'll have to read it. 

How's NaNoWriMo going for y'all? 


  1. Congrats, Wild Horse!!! 😄
    18k right now for me. Need to write some more... Lol

    1. Keep it up! The week after the excitement wears off and the hard work sets in is the worst :)