Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Some Serious Thoughts

Heather did the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award and posted some great questions at the end. They made me smile, and I knew the answers, so here they are! You should go answer them to. They're awesome.

In the event of an emergency would you be more confident handling it with a body-enhancing superpower (super speed, super smarts, etc.) or with valuable knowledge (medical skills, mental map of location, etc.) ?
Valuable knowledge. I'm like the geek who saves the day in the end because of awesome computer skills or something. 

What tactics would you adopt in order to keep a potentially traitorous/immoral group of “employees” (i.e. pirates, etc.) loyal to you and you alone?
I wouldn't bribe them, because someone could bribe them with something even better. I wouldn't beat them into submission (no matter how tempting it is). I think I would lead by example and be so awesome that they wouldn't want to leave. 

What is the highest praise that you ever could give?
If I say something positive about your intellect or something you have done (like built a bookcase or something), that is my form of high praise. 

If the main character of your WIP/favorite novel had a Twitter account, what are three things they would tweet? (Remember: 140 characters or less!)

Found out who killed my parents today #angry #comingforyou #youknowwhoyouare

@SeetaDwyy please stop asking me to dance.

I am going to play better than you @KingDurban and you will be sorry you messed with me! #onfiretonight 

Do you think it would be more valuable for a superhero to be an average citizen or a public figure, like a political entity or celebrity?
An average citizen is more valuable, because that way people can see that the ordinary can do the extraordinary. 

If you had ten ninjas, upon whom would you sic them?
Probably (I know this sounds mean) a girl I know, who thinks that she is indestructible. 10 ninjas would probably change that pretty quickly.

Can you fold your tongue? (I cannot; I look for others who have been cheated by their parents’ Mendelian genes as well.)
I can. It's weird, isn't it?

What do you think would happen if you ruled the world?
Everyone would have to read books for a certain amount of time everyday,  cellphones would only be able to be used for up to two hours a day, I would take all the money in the world, cancel all debts, and redistribute the money. Then I would change all the benefits you can get. If you had more money than others, you would be more heavily taxed. I would make it easy to fire people. 
The world would be a better place.

What are your thoughts on manflesh? Edible? No? Would you, as an orc, be willing to eat your comrades?
Hmmmm. Good question. I think if I was desperate I would. I have to admit, I have considered manflesh before. Sometimes it's tempting to cook my sister and eat her for dinner. 

In what situations is it appropriate to call someone a fungus-ridden dingbat?
Anytime they do something dumb, say something dumb or are just plain stupid. And since I am an INTJ and when I look at the world, thats all I see (and I feel better about myself xD), that is most of the time. 
If someone dropped something on my foot, I would happily yell 'YOU FUNGUS-RIDDEN DINGBAT.' 

There we go. Great questions Heather


  1. XD These are funny; I like the version of the world you'd rule. :D I could definitely get used to fewer cell phones and a better economy. Also, I can't imagine a better event to use the term "fungus-ridden dingbat," so bonus points there. AND your tweets were great. XD

    1. Thank you :)
      Haha yay! Now I just need minions to help me ;)