Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Chocolate, Changes and Chances

Hello there wonderful people who read my blog! You have no idea how much it amazes me that someone other than my dad reads my blog. Your coolness is confirmed!

So I know that I'm a bit late to this, because it's been January for 12 days now, which means it's been 2015 for more than 288 hours. This year, Opal Swirls is going to see some changes. Nothing startling, although I've been wondering about a new design for a while.

Here's what you can expect:

More about books
I love books so much, they fill me with joy. It's taken me this long (I'm not kidding, I only realised this a few weeks ago) to understand this about myself. Without books, I would not be who I am. And I would not be writing. So I want to do more posts about books I am reading, and books that I enjoyed. 

No schedule
  How, you ask, can you be an INTJ and not schedule? I know, I surprise myself daily as well. The thing is, I go to school. And when I have a blog schedule, I want to stick to it like glue, but my teachers want me to do 3 pages of math on the same night. Ultimately, school comes first. Without a blog schedule, I can write better posts because I am not forced or rushed. 

My voice
This sounds weird, but what I mean is that I am going to be less formal about how I do posts. I have always tried to write my blog posts in a formal way, so that I'm sort of detached. However, I think that I want to change the mood, and make it more interactive. I want how I am face to face to shine through. So awkward with slightly funny one liners (I laugh at my jokes often, but recently one of my friends told me I'm not funny enough to have a comedy show. I am in firm denial, because duh, I am hilarious.) 

I just need to have a separate note on this because once I did a survey for this blog, and one of the questions was "Is there anything I can improve on?" AND SOMEONE HAD THE NERVE TO WRITE "HUMOUR". When I am running the world, I will hunt you down and show you how amusing I am. That is all. Otherwise refer to the the note above, My voice.

The above mentioned survey also showed me that people like hearing about my life. I'm not sure why, because I can think of fifty other lives I would rather be living (that would be a cool blog post). However, I might do some posts on some lessons I've learnt. And stuff I do to embarrass myself pretty much everyday (I've already dropped my phone on my face today and it took me ages to work out how to spell schedule). 

Did you know that I am one mixed up chicken? On one hand, my motto is "A life lived in fear is a life half lived" but at the same time I am terrified of heights. Just thinking about them makes me feel sick. Also, on one hand I want to be wild and free, but at the same time I am far to sensible. I can't spell to save myself, but I love to write. I love horses and science. I am random, dramatic, I'm wearing my Chelsea shirt, I am quiet and confident, but I am also LOUD AND calm AND VERY INSECURE. ALSO CHELSEA RULES.

You can definitely expect me. 


  1. I'm so excited for all the changes on the blog. This year I actually am going on a schedule so that I don't have to write posts sporadically. I've actually scheduled all of January ahead of time, so I hope to keep that up for the rest of year. I also want to use more of my informal voice in my posts, especially because that's what I like to read on other blogs. I'm so used to being formal in my writing for school that it's difficult for me to transition into informal writing for my blog.

    1. Wow! Thats amazing. I tried to do that, but I couldn't keep on top of it. Good luck! I love your blog by the way- sorry I'm a bit of a silent stalker, I don't think I've commented yet.

      Same here. School defiantly influences how I write posts.

  2. Looking forward to it, 'specially those book posts.

  3. this. year. is. going. to. be. epic.
    I can already tell.
    I agree though that having no schedule is wayy easier that stressing yourself out. HUMOR? This is so going to be amazing... because your sense of humor was already so prominent on here, and the fact that we'll see more of you.... *gasp. faint.* :P

    1. I AGREE! 2015 is the year!

      Wow, thanks! :))

  4. These changes all sound cool and I look forward to seeing them play out! I'm also shifting my blog to more of a writing/reading blog vs a personal/writing blog. As for scheduling, as an INTJ, allow me to assure you that chaos makes for some of the best world domination plans. *nods sagely*

    1. World domination plans are always needed!

      I look forward to seeing your blog change as well :)

  5. I'm definitely looking forward to all these new changes! Humor, voice, and books all sound AWESOME and it's going to be sweet to see how everything progresses to become a ball (swirl?) of even more awesome.

    Do it! Conquer! Go!