Saturday, January 31, 2015

Snippets: Princess of Choice

I'm honestly so attached to Azar's story, I can't even imagine the day her story finishes. I never want to say "the end", I want to write about her and the rest of Terra forever. 

Despite that I'm editing King of Fire (I also call it Playing With Fire), I can't help writing some more on Princess of Choice, the sequel to King of Fire. All my characters are so messed up at this point (I'm really quite mean), it just makes the writing more enjoyable.

I publicly apologise my dear, favorite characters, but KILL YOUR DARLINGS. 

 I will have to wade through innocent blood to win this war.

‘How’s it been going, Seeta?’ He addresses Seeta directly because they share the same Talent, I know that, and my breathing tightens when I think of the Talented leader I share a Talent with. Mari, with her coffee colored skin, smell of power and the only person to meet my eyes in our first meeting.
I would never admit it to anyone, but she scares me because we are so alike: when we want something, those who value their lives would not be wise to step in the way. 
Of course, Mari has probably killed. 
I haven’t. 

Do I scare you now? 

 Blood. So much blood.

‘You didn’t scream last night.’ Krat pokes the fire. Ruwa’s arm goes behind me, his hand spread out on the ground by my right hip.  
‘You normally scream in the night.’ Krat explains. ‘What's that?’ He asks. 
‘Mine.’ I lift my chin.     
‘Dragon egg.’ Ruwa says. 
‘That's why your bag has been so heavy.’ A flicker of amusement crosses his face. Ruwa responds by lifting one shoulder slightly. 
‘Dragons very rarely hatch for people, did you know?’ Krat stands up, drags a saddle bag closer, rummages through it. 
‘This one will.’ I copy Ruwa’s one shoulder lift. 
‘Okay.’ Krat smiles, he is pouring water over dried lumps of food. 
‘Cre used to do that.’ I say out loud. 
Krat pauses, relief evident. Ruwa smiles. 

Jun’s blood started it. Durban’s blood will end it.

Its golden eyes meet mine, and I know it is asking for help. I consider it, cocking my head to the side. Then, almost carelessly, I shuffle closer, and pick the dragon up, its grey skin meeting my more tanned hand. It wiggles for a moment, then stops, lying on its back on my palm, the claws on the front legs gripping its back legs to its belly. 
‘Hello.’ I say. 
Hello, the dragon says back with its bright eyes. 
‘Names first.’ I say. ‘I’m Azar.’
The dragons eyes are covered by thick eyelids, seamlessly hiding the eyes that held me captive. My finger tickles its pink belly, and a small puff of smoke wafts up from the nostrils. 
‘You are female.’ I tell the sleeping dragon with certainty.  ‘And I’m going to call you Emelth. That means pain in the old tongue.’ 

My Uncle has to die.   

I stand up with the other Dwarfs, my team copy me, and when the crowd shouts his name, I shout as loudly as I can. The Dwarfs near me touch their foreheads, a sign of respect in their culture, and I touch mine back. I have a duty to these people, it is my fault that Jun is dead. I owe Jun my life for helping me escape. I owe Jun another life because he died for me. It is a debt I worry I cannot repay. 

And then I will crush the Talented under my boot, I will make sure they know I know what they did first. 

‘You’re too brave.’ His voice breaks, and he pushes each word out like a shard of rock cutting his throat. Emelth moves again, curling up into the back of my neck, her scales jabbing me.  
‘I think it’s a lack of worry about my life.’ I try to be honest with Ruwa, I always do. 
‘No.’ He insists. ‘Bravery.’ He does not want to acknowledge my death wish, and maybe it’s better like that for him. For me, it is torture to pretend.
‘But I’m not brave anymore.’ I whisper. ‘I’m broken. They’ve broken me.’

That I always knew, I played them, I played them all. 

Wild Horse is quite worried. She hasn't thought about what she wants to write for Camp NaNoWriMo, let alone come up with a plot. She's more concerned about her cabin, to be honest. Some of her cabin experiences have been... off putting.  


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