Saturday, February 28, 2015

Birthday/Blogoversary Giveaway + Blog Party @ The Devil Orders Takeout

Alyssa is having a blog party!! She has a new design, a new blog name and it's her birthday, and her blogs birthday. She's also hosting a giveaway, for a book from the book depository for up to US$10. I rather like her new blog name- it's quite clever! 

Go join in the fun HERE

Blog party questions:

If you win, what book would you like?
A Moleskine notebook, if that counts.

What would your ideal bookmark look like? 
Here's a secret: I don't use bookmarks. I just remember the page number (I kid you not). But, if I did have the ideal bookmark, it would have a quote on it. It would be pale purple. With a gold tassel.

What's a book you want to read/write but have been putting off forever?
One is a secret. The other is about a tight knit community of farmers. The book would follow the stories of the children as they grew up and floated in and out of each others lives and the community.

One urban myth you've heard about China? 
I've never really understood the way China works, and whenever I try to talk to Chinese about it, I come out even more confused. So I don't know any urban myths about China, sorry.

List your blogging inspirations.
Um. Well, I guess my dad was the one would helped me at the start. And my best friend was the one who got me into blogging. So they originally inspired my blogging. Otherwise, it just comes from the blogs around me (including yours). I'm always tweaking and playing around with new ideas.

Join in the party here yall! 

Wild Horse thinks that this is a good time for cake (by that, she means better than usual). She will give you cake if you come to the party. Otherwise, it's all for her. Minus the pieces she already handed to Alyssa. Happy birthday Alyssa! *throws more glitter*


  1. YAY! Thank you! (Also, kudos on being the first one to get this up. *much happy dancing*)

    Uhh ... well, I wasn't planning to include notebooks, but OH MY GOODNESS that one is gorgeous and I'm totally going to let that fly just because I like pretty things. *nods* And I used to have a Harry Potter bookmark that's quite similar to the one you described, albeit dark purple instead of pale. (Remembering the page numbers is totally ninja, though.)

    Aww, are we really that reclusive? Possibly I shall have to do a China 101 on the blog sometime. Also, instead of withholding cake from people who don't come, give them cake. Give them lots and lots of cake. But only this cake, *carefully deposits a test tube*, which is derived from sodium. You did ask for it ;P


    1. I don't normally do this but.... *joins in dancing*

      OH GOOD. I had a mini panic attack for a second there. Thats so cool. I never owned a Harry Potter bookmark, even though I went through a stage of collecting bookmarks.

      *Whispers* I am ninja.

      That would be awesome! I would like to learn more about China.

      I HAVE CAKE DERIVED FROM SODUIM. Us mini scientists are going to take over the world one day, I tell you.


    2. I second the China 101 lessons.

  2. Yay, you have joined the party! I shall join the part... but later! The Moleskine notebook is so pretty, and you always hear such good things about them. I am impressed that you can remember the book page number (I cannot) and your story ideas sound cool! Although maybe I am very suburban and get confused about how farming is interesting.

    Also, you should share your cake derived from sodium.

    1. Yay!

      I know- I've been desperate to get my hands on one for ages. Haha I guess I've been doing it for so long it's natural for me. I used to constantly lose bookmarks.

      Haha I am very country and I cannot fathom why one would want to live in a city- but a post sort of about that soon :)

      Maybe..... :P

    2. Well, that's a cool quirk anyway!

      XD I'll look forward to reading it!