Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Books I Have Eaten Recently (ii)

It's the end of the holidays now (I started school today), so I have been desperately reading ALL THE BOOKS. I can't help it, you know. I go into the library, vowing just to pick up my reserves. THEN THE BOOKS CALL TO ME. And I must bring them home and read them.

Do any of you experience this?


Kezzie at War (Both Kezzie novels)
I'm sure I've read this book before. And while I didn't remember much of it, I would say that it is aimed at a younger age than me. And I don't know... But it felt a weird rip off of Out of the Hitler Time at some points. 

The Eighty Dollar Champion
I finally have finished this book. Yay! It got so much more interesting toward the end. To get full understanding and enjoyment out of it, you would have to know quite a few horsey terms. For me, it wasn't a problem, but I could see that for other members of my family, it would be boring and hard to understand in parts.  

Code Name Verity
I think I went through a short stage there of reading historic fiction from the second world war. I've read Rose Under Fire, I didn't know it was part of a series. Code Name Verity was a well written read- tense in all the right places, and a heartbreaking end. True friendship is something we should all cling to. 

The Raven's Wing
Okay, so I have a secret love for historic fiction set in the Roman time. This book wasn't disappointing. It just felt rushed. I wanted to slow down, and stop jumping from event to event. It's something I fear doing in my own writing, because when I read it, it makes me wince. So while I did enjoy this story, I felt like the writing could have been so much smoother. 

You Don't Even Know
You don't even know (see what I did there?) what really happened right until the end. Oh, I do love an unreliable narrator. Oh, and I did enjoy this book, way to much considering the storyline. It was just a joy to read (even set in present-day Australia).

The Runaway Jury
I went through a stage of wanting to be a lawyer. I still love a good debate, I like to present my view, argue back and forth. So I love how technical this book is. And so very, very clever. I do like a good blackmail. It makes my dark side happy. 

Well written, but not my style. It was... whimsical? When I caught on to what was really happening though, I sort of felt this cold wash of dread start at my head. And I finally got invested in the story. So a solid read, once you get into it.  

The Truth About Alice
Okay, so this book... I'm still confused about what I think. On one hand, I don't get the point of it. On the other hand... Such tight writing. Such real characters. If I felt like there was more of a point to it, I would have enjoyed it more. 

Rain Dance
I love Karen Wood, I really do. But this? This is not what I am used to? What happened? This was too short. The characters felt quite basic. And even worse, the action parts were the more boring parts. But the good parts? Brilliant. The storyline? Clever, even when rushed. 

Bridge to Haven 
I fist fell in love with Francine Rivers over A Voice in the Wind (you know, Roman historical fiction and all). A Bridge to Haven was so different. It wasn't what I was expecting all all. But it was good. It's set in the 1950's, it just felt very honest and real. It addressed topics I thought nice Christian authors tended to avoid. 

The Selection
I can not tell you how long I have waited to read this. I finally have reasons for such a name as "American Singer". But this is The Bachelor meets Hunger Games or something like that and it makes me want to be the author of this book! I can only hope that America doesn't pick Aspen. He's to smooth. TEAM MAXON.

The Elite
I listened to the audio book (all 7 hours, much longer than it would have taken me to read. It was painful), because I couldn't wit to get my hands on a paper copy. For most of the book, America drove me crazy. I  need to get this out: YOU ARE A SILLY CHILD WHO CAN'T HANDLE ANYTHING. I just want to scream right now. But at the same time, I need the third book.

Christy Miller's Diary
I went into this expecting to have to give the lowest rating I've ever given (it was an available eBook, I needed something to read). I came out like 'what just happened?' At first, it felt very childish. Then Christy got older, and I was pleasantly surprised by her maturity. The worst thing? The entries were short and far between, spanning years. But she raised some good points I stored away for thought. 

Shatter Me
Okkkkkay. Where to start with this book? Will I read the series? Yes. Did I enjoy the book? Meh. I get that she is desperate for human touch. I get that she loves Adam. But I got sick of being aware of Adam all the time. However, Juliette's voice was so real it made me enjoy the book more. And I like Warner. I like him a lot. 

I read the first two books in this series last year, and finally got around to getting Shattered out because I loved the first two so much. Shattered was a brilliant ending. I wailed, I wanted to be so angry, but oh, what a twist. I don't know why I put off reading it for so long. Perhaps I knew it was going to rip me into pieces? 

After finally getting half way, we are getting into the action. But it's taking me forever, because the size is so off putting. I WILL KEEP GOING. One page at a time. 

Hostage Three
ASDFGHJKLASDFGHJKL this book so far. 

I have read more books than this, but I've decided to put them in my next Books I Have Eaten Recently post, because this is getting very long. What have you been reading? 

Wild Horse is slightly worried about herself. She's discovered eBooks and the other night, she didn't sleep, she read 3 books instead. It's getting quite out of hand, all this reading. However, Wild Horse can't seem to stop. No one can pry the books from her hands. To read or not to read? What a silly question! 


  1. I have never eaten any of these books. Should I?

  2. Hmm, some of these look amazing; Perhaps I should give them a go?

  3. Gotta say I haven't read any of these, although I own Shatter me on my Kindle, so I'll be on it pretty soon. :)

    1. *Gaps* You must tell me what you think when you've read it! :)