Monday, March 2, 2015

One Evening

This post feels a bit like some sort of video, but you have to see it in your head. I don't know. Maybe it's just me. Annnnyway.

I was out walking back from down the road a few evening ago, and it was a beautiful night. One of those ones that makes you feel alive, like you're really seeing life in color for the first time. Living in the country is probably one of the best things about my life. I can't imagine being trapped in by concrete on all four sides everyday. I like paddocks and the wide open sky. I like watching the wind ripple over grass, rather than blowing a plastic bag around. 

This is my country, my home. And I can't imagine being anywhere else. 


Maybe I'm broken, maybe I'm wrong 
I could've spoken sooner than I should've 

Only the good die old 
That's what they told me, but I don't know 
Maybe I'm breaking up with myself 

Maybe I'm thinking I should just keep to 
The things that I've been told 
Wait for the colors to turn to gold 

Maybe I'm dusting to be destroyed 
Always a reason breaking me

After my meets in the dead of night 
I keep on praying to see the light

Do you know? Do you know? 
You're not alone, you're not alone 
That everything is crashing down

I'm ready for the fall 
I'm ready for everything 
That I believed in to drift away

I'm ready for the fall 
Ready for the leaves
 Ready for the colors to burn to gold and crumble away

-Imagine Dragons "The Fall"

Wild Horse wouldn't like to live in the city at all. Spending nights in town or in a city is enough to make her grumpy and miserable. She likes that the sun comes up and sets over the hills and that the neighbours are far away. She took all the photos with her phone, hence the bad quality. 


  1. Amazing photographs!And the fruits in it looks delicious :D
    Imagine Dragons,they're awesome.I love Demons by them.

    Neal Kind
    Daily Diaries

    1. Thank you :) They will be, once they ripen properly- its taking forever!

      ME TOO.

  2. Great photos- Fruit! Love fruit. I sit by my bushes and trees all spring and stare at the green fruit, waiting.

    1. Yes! I do the same when I'm waiting for apples. They take months and months so I try to hurry them along.

  3. YUMMM....How can you say want fall???? *cries* We had a delay today 'cuz of the snow...again. I'm so ready for summer=) But I do think that sometimes winter is truly beautiful. BUT SUMMER IS TOO.

    1. BECAUSE ITS SO HOT HERE. I was melting today, I just want it to be coooolld. SNOW. Please send me your snow! ;)

  4. SUMMER SUMMER SUMMER. We're just entering spring now in the US, and I'm so ready to eat watermelon and drink lemonade!

    1. Have al the summer you want!! I will give up watermelon for a cold breeze or snow or rain. :)

  5. Wow, even though you took the pictures with your phone I thought they were really good! They go perfectly with the song lyrics you chose; I can see why you love your beautiful home—although, I don't think I'd ever want to live in the same situation myself. :) Again, lovely work!

  6. I think they're amazing photos! WELL DONE! Particularly if that's just your phone! Wow. x) I love Imagine Dragons but I listen to all their old songs and I'm not even sure I've heard this one yet... *goes to google*
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

  7. Those fruits are making me hungry! And you live in a beautiful place! I live in a small town in the middle of the forest... that sounded weird. I'm surrounded by trees, not on a road and but have neighbours and shops and things close by. Those are great photos !