Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Bookshelf Tag

This is a super long tag, especially with pictures, so I narrowed the questions down to 12 (from like 20!) so that I could focus. Also, because it took me almost three hours to take pictures you see below (I wanted to take awesome pictures). You can grab the original from Victoria, who tagged me (thank you!!) here.

The Rules:
The book(s) you answer with must be from your bookshelf.
Take of a picture of your bookshelf, if possible, or you could include pictures of your dream shelf.
Tag other people.

 Describe your bookshelf (or wherever it is you keep your books):
My main bookshelf is a nice wooden one I "borrowed" from my parents (I'm not sure I'll ever want to return it). I also have a blue one, but it has more than just books on it. Above you can see my bookshelf and I together. We are very happy.

A book you'd hate to let out of your sight (aka a book you'd never let someone borrow)?
I love Ally Carter in general, but I fist fell in love with Heist Society, so my copy is precious to me. I have loaned it to my mother and sister, but I've barely let it out of my sight, let alone out of the house.

Is there a book from a friend on your shelf?
I loved the Diamond Spirit series and read it several times. My best friend bought me a copy of the first book. It was the first YA horse-y book I thought was good. Also, the third book is called Opal Dreaming, so. 

A book you won?
I don't know if I 'won' the first Brotherband. But I did write three book reviews to get it, as part of a Library program. I also 'won' the first Ranger's Apprentice this way. What can I say? I love John Flanagan. 

A book from your childhood?
Ferdinand the bull was a favorite (along with many others). I remember thinking about how horrible bull fighting was, and it encouraged my dreams of being a vet at the time. Even though the pictures were all black ink, I still loved looking at them. 

What's the most recently published book on your shelf?
I loved Leila Sales first book, This Song Will Save Your Life, so my mum bought her newest book, Tonight the Streets are Ours, for my birthday. I'm not sure if it was published before or after Queen of Shadows, come to think of it. Let's just run with Tonight the Streets are Ours. 

 The last book you read on your shelf?
Queen of Shadows, of course. I recently discovered $60 worth of gift cards I hadn't spent. So I splashed out and bought the first four books of the Throne of Glass series and the novellas. Now I can read them whenever I want, and I can go back to the best parts. I spent the first afternoon of owning them re-reading all my favorite parts. 

Do you have the complete series of any book series? 
A few years ago my dad surprised me by buying the entire Divergent series for me. Book mail is the best mail, I swear. I was over the moon. I love the matching books and the deign of them. And they look great on my shelf. And I can read them whenever I feel like it. 

Is there a book you received as a birthday gift? 
My cousins got me For the Love of Horses, which is about the amazing Wilson Sister's journey from not even owning a saddle to being at the forefront of showing and natural horsemanship in NZ. My best friend and I look up to the Wilson Sisters like crazy, so it was a great gift. 

What book has been on your shelf forever?
Um, cousins, horses, animals, adventures, and an awesome cover all by Enid Blyton? How could I say no to being given a copy of this book when I was a kid? It's falling apart now, I read it so much. 

Any signed books? 
Just one, by an author who spoke at our church. My parents bought me a copy of his book, God in a Brothel and he signed it for me "Opal, be dangerous". It's basically stories he collected while infiltrating the sex-slave industry. I'd love to get more of my books signed, but authors don't really come to NZ. 

A book that is your favourite colour? 
I don't really own any purple books, so I found one with a cover I really like (it's hard drawn). It didn't turn out quite right in the picture. The book is The People in Pineapple Place by Anne Lindbergh if you want to find a better picture. I read it over and over just because I liked the cover (I know, I'm awful).

 Opal Tags: 

Do we own any of the same books? What was your favorite book as a kid? What kind of bookshelf do you have? Do you own any purple books? Where can I find one of these? 
Opal got a haircut a week ago and the hairdresser cut off a lot of hair. Opal is mourning the loss. 


  1. Let's see... I think our only books in common are The Ranger's Apprentice series, but all things considered, not a bad series to have in common. :) Your pictures are lovely! :D And so are you, for that matter.

    Also I am sorry the hairdresser cut off so much hair. It is always never what you want.

  2. wonderful post :) I loved seeing all the pictures, and i'm sure they took a ton of time to get. Achieving the perfect post pictures is SO HARD. i enjoyed reading this post. your bookshelf looks so awesome <3

  3. Opal, your bookshelf looks amazing! It has that warm comfy I'm-reading-while-drinking-tea-on-a-windowsill sort of vibe, whereas my bookshelf is filled with unfinished notebooks of mediocre writing from my elementary school days. >.< And, ah, I wish I had multiple series on my shelf-- the only two complete series that I do have are Harry Potter (all hardback, but I have four of the seven books) and The Chronicles of Narnia, the thick anthology. I can't believe that Allegiant will be coming out into theaters super soon, ah!

    xoxo Morning

  4. Thanks for doing the tag!! I loved seeing all the pictures (which were great, by the way). And Brotherband was really good, but I never got past the third book :(

  5. I might just do this tag. Your pictures are lovely-- I love the Heist society too. I have Heir of Fire, so we have that in common. Madame Tussaud, The Tide Knot And Winter are my purple books. I loved Narnia and Enid blyton when I was younger. I have a white bookshelf built into the wall. It's plain, covered with other junk/ precious things, but I basically love it because it's filled with all my books. (okay, not all of them .My parents made me leave books behind in new zealand. but a lot of them are here still)

  6. I LOVE Heist Society! I read the whole series as library books, so I don't own a copy, but I should get one because I really want to reread it sometime. As for purple books, the only one I can think of is The Sorceress by Michael Scott, which is still only partially purple. Why aren't there more purple books?

  7. Heist Society is so good! *hugs book* I'm glad it got you into Ally Carter.

    Randomly getting books is one of the best things ever. It's a little different, but my uncle randomly gave me some gift cards, once, so I was able to get my own copy of the Divergent series and a few others, which was so exciting. Owning books is the best. I can totally just sit on my floor and hold my shiny books for hours and no one is going to question me. They are mine. And also, yeah, being able to go back and read favorite parts whenever = win.

    I haven't read beyond Throne of Glass, but this year I'm hoping to get my hands on the rest.

    Great pictures! Thanks for sharing! It was really fun learning more about your bookshelves. :)

  8. AHHH these pictures are so cool. o.o I need to bug my sister into taking pictures of me with books, because I don't see people do this very often. Super creative and awesome! :D

    Ferdinand! <3 My mom read that to us SO MANY TIMES when we were younger. It's so sweet and now I like to read it to kids I babysit now. :)

  9. Ferdinand! I'm pretty sure I have a copy of that one at my parents' house somewhere... Also, my TBR list may have just grown -- I'm a sucker for good horse books! :)

    Your three-hour photo shoot resulted in some great pictures.

  10. Ah, I remember Ferdinand!I loved that book when I was little. Still love it, if I'm being honest. xD

  11. Haircut? I need pics! (Yes, I'm awful too)