Monday, May 1, 2017

Hello May | Recently

April went so fast! In all honestly, life is going fast these days.

A bunch of my friends entered into relationships in April, which was scary - it hit me that I'm entering into a time of life where people start seriously looking for their significant other. That freaked me out a little, since I don't think I'm ready to enter that time of life, and I have so many things I want to do with my life, probably by myself.

My two week break speed by, with a bunch of friends having birthdays and there being parties to go to, on top of assignments. One weekend was a friends 20th, and the next we went camping for an 18th, both of which were a blast. I also got to catch up with my drama class from high school which was really cool. We were a pretty tight group and it was good to see each other and just have some laughs.

I've been working really hard on growing as a person this year, mostly into someone who is more positive and happy. Almost everyday I ask myself "if I was today, would I be happy with how I spent the last week? How would I want to change the way I'm using my time?". I feel happier, and less stressed, as I've stopped focusing on my grades so much. I've found a solid work/life balance.

So, 13 Reasons Why managed to use up 13 hours of my life in April, my main interest in it coming from having read the book. The show wasn't as good as the book, and it's a bit of a hard watch (for me, a lot of the topics hit home). It's been interesting to hear what everyone else thinks about it, and the amount of discussion about in New Zealand has been mind blowing.

Life is good, my human beans. University is good. Every day is special and a chance to do something cool for the people in your life. Let's make May a good one!

So! Tell me how your April was! Anything exciting happen? What have you been reading and watching? Have you watched 13 reasons why? Why yes or no? Also, catch me up with the cool things happening in your life!
Opal over and out!


  1. I managed to read four or three books last month? At least things are improving.

    Ah... relationships. My friends were in relationships when I was twelve. WAAY too young but I won't go on about that.

    I'm glad you're having more fun. I feel more relaxed now that I'm out of school.

    1. Wow! It's such a hot button topic it's hard to speak out about what you think.

      I imagine you do!! :)

  2. April did fly by, but I'm glad you're enjoying your time and living life to the fullest! Once you find that balance of school, social and work, everything seems to flow a little smoother, doesn't it? But everything does go by so fast! I was under the impression that I was still a kid, but now I have to adult?! What is this?? Anyway, make May better than ever :)

    1. It does!!! I know the feeling :) Thank you!